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    6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home on Your Own

    The market is hot and, if you’ve felt the itch for a change, now is the perfect time to list your home for sale.  Although many have contemplated forgoing the realtor route and listing their home for sale by owner, think twice before going this route!  There are so many reasons why having the right realtor is crucial during the home selling process.  You need an expert who knows the market, neighborhood values and has the expertise and knowledge to help you accomplish your selling goals at the highest level possible. Here are 6 reasons you should always choose to work with a top local real estate professional to sell your home:

    • It takes a lot more of your time. When you choose to list your home FSBO (for sale by owner), get ready to sacrifice every moment of your day on selling your home.  For starters, you will be in charge of all of the staging, photography, and marketing your online presence.  After this is complete, you’ll also have to figure out the value of your home and adjust it accordingly, which is incredibly difficult without access to the MLS website.  Only realtors have automatic enrollment and access to the MLS site in any area, which is crucial in determining the right listing price for your home based on amenities, the current market, and other are home values.  Once the home is listed, you’ll be spending all of your time showing the home yourself, entertaining those who are “just-looking”, and trying to convince other realtors to take you seriously.  Because of the overwhelming amount of time it takes, FSBO’s typically sell for less.
    • All of the negotiations are daunting. When it comes down to it, almost all of the people that you’re going to deal with when selling your home will be keeping the buyer’s best interest in mind.  From the buyer themselves to their listing agent and inspectors, almost everyone will be hired by and working with the buyer.  This can make things especially difficult when selling by owner because you do not know how to properly negotiate every little aspect of the home.  This is a skill that realtors, like Masha, have completed specialized negotiation classes to better help assist their clients.   This skill only strengthens as their career progresses.  When dealing with inspectors, a realtor will have your back when negotiating who is responsible for fixing every little detail in the home that needs repair.  Without someone on your side, you’re destined to be stuck paying for far more than you bargained for.
    • You’ll have no idea who is or isn’t qualified to purchase your home. If you aren’t a realtor, it is next to impossible to know if a potential buyer has been pre-approved or not because you can’t get involved in their home buying and mortgage process as a realtor can.  There are also an unbelievable amount of loan programs coming and going that are available for buyers and realtors are always up to date with these constant changes, allowing them to ask all of the right questions to anyone who walks into your home.
    • It is very difficult from a legal standpoint. There’s a major reason why sellers choosing the FSBO route has decreased dramatically over the years and that is mainly due to all of the legal issues behind the selling side of the transaction.  With all of the mandatory disclosures and regulations, the process can often seem like a foreign language to sellers who don’t have a knowledgeable realtor on their side to protect them.  Remember, you are legally responsible for everything that is put into a mortgage contract, fine print, and all amendments.
    • In unprecedented times, your safety matters most. No one truly knows how long this pandemic is going to be a lingering issue.  When you choose the FSBO route, you are risking letting anyone and everyone into your home without the proper safety regulations in place.  Trustworthy realtors are staying up to date on all of the required safety protocols and will put them into place immediately when your home goes on the market.  Many homes now have virtual tours on marketing platforms, instead of just photos.  Showings have gone virtual when the right realtors are in charge.  And it’s crucial to enforce how many people are allowed in your home at one time and monitor that they aren’t touching anything.  Unfortunately, as a For Sale By Owner you likely won’t be taken seriously and these protocols are less likely to be enforced, putting you and your family at greater risk.
    • Overall, houses stay on the market longer and sell for less. When it comes down to it, what makes a home selling process successful or not is how much the home sells for.  The reality of FSBO is that homes almost always sell for less.  One reason for this is because they tend to stay on the market longer due to a lack of proper online marketing and presence.  Having a realtor run the show is so, so much more effective than doing it yourself.  The less time spent on the market, the less a buyer is going to think they can negotiate.  Also, no one understands the local market like a realtor does.  In the back of your mind, you might be thinking you can accurately handle listing prices and online marketing but please don’t be fooled!  This is a realtor’s area of expertise and their experience level far surpasses anyone who wants to FSBO in this category.  Let them do the work for you so you receive top dollar for your home in the shortest period of time.


    Masha Halpern is a realtor who not only meets all of these criteria but far surpasses them!  She is an expert in the triangle area and, when you choose her as your realtor, you can rest easy knowing that she will take everything into account when listing your home.  With over 27 years of experience, her work speaks for itself.  All of Masha’s listings have been sold and in record time.  Are you worried about your home being on the market for too long?  You won’t be with Masha.  On average, her listings are off of the market within 17 days!  In today’s market, it’s crucial to have a realtor help sell your home, and, in the triangle area, there are none trusted more than Masha Halpern.


    Everyone’s safety is our first priority. We are providing services 👩💻electronically – VIRTUAL listing appointments, buyer consultations, 🏡virtual showings, & paperwork completed electronically! We are taking steps every day to raise the level of everyone’s safety and health and are preparing our seller’s homes with a more  “touch-free ” experience and buyer tours with CDC recommended protections.

    We will get through this! While we are experiencing some uncertainty, we do know that people will have homes they need to sell and homes that people will need to buy. You will be able to buy and sell Real Estate safely & comfortably wherever it is that you may be.

    Our team is here to help you, in any way we can, Real Estate or otherwise.

    Call or text us today at ☎️(919)-414-0337  or 877-478 4669 if you are out of state, for more information.

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