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    Add Some Sophistication to your Fall Décor!

    Fall is in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner!  While we prepare to spend more of the season at home than in previous years, it’s more important than ever to make sure your fall décor suits your home’s style.  This year, don’t hesitate to look past the spooky and commercial décor, in order to turn your house into the warm fall oasis that makes staying home just a little bit easier!

    The traditional décor:

    While some might look at pumpkins and think they’re overdone in home decorating, they can be the perfect addition to your outdoor look!  Pumpkins create a wonderful fall charm, whether they’re used in your yard or around your porch.

    Front Yard Decor – grab a hay bale, or two, and arrange pumpkins of varying sizes around and on top of the bales.  It’s both an easy and effective way to create instant autumn curb appeal.  If you happen to have a light pole in the front of your yard, make sure to make that the focal point of the décor!  Having the light shining at night will add the perfect ambiance.

    For the Front Porch – potted plants such as mums are ideal for this time of year.  Again, layering pumpkins around the mums will add a subtle touch of color, making a simple statement.  If you have stairs leading up to your front porch, layer various pumpkins and mums on each side of each stair.  You’ll be sure to give your porch a rustic autumn makeover!

    To make a bold statement, wrap corn husks around all light poles and pillars!

    Indoor Sophistication:

    Again, if you’re going for a classic, rustic feel, bypass the seasonal isles and head towards everyday home décor.  Stores stock for the seasons, so even though it isn’t Halloween/fall specific, the home décor section will still guarantee to have plenty of ideal options for your decorating needs.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking about fall décor, without the obvious items in hand, is color.  Keep your items neutral and stick to earth tones.  As far as patterns are concerned, the simpler, the better.  Plaids and solids will take you a long way!  Here are some specific ideas to start:

    • Throws and pillows– Plaid/solid throws and decorative pillows around your home will instantly transform it to fall. Materials such as wool and Sherpa are often ideal and in abundance!  Place them on the beds, the couches, on the blanket ladder, or in an oversized basket in your family room.
    • When it comes to florals – Arrangements with flowers such as goldenrod, sunflowers, and chrysanthemum are a few ideal florals to choose for fresh bouquets around the house. Mix a couple of wheat stems in for a perfect touch.  If you’re into faux stems, keep an eye out for moodier colors and grains.  Washed wood, terracotta, antique glass, and ceramic make for the perfect vases.
    • Wood and wicker – switch out your everyday items such as candlesticks, baskets, picture frames, and oversized trays and replace them with similar items made of wood, wicker, nickel, and brass. You can also add random knickknacks made up of these materials!

    And just like that, you’re off to a great start creating an autumn oasis!


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