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    Chapel Hill in the Spring

    Hey there! This is Mary, Masha’s Administrative Assistant and Client Care Manager. This is my first Spring working here in Chapel Hill, and can I just say how much I love it? 

    Our office has a beautiful view of blooming cherry trees which I have had the great pleasure to watch bloom these past few weeks. I have always thought these blooming trees create a “spring snow” as the petals shed with windy spring showers. 

    There are plenty of evergreens around here, though, and I am used to the heavy presence of pine trees in Wake Forest. Read: lots of bright yellow-green pollen and lots of over the counter allergy medication.

    What I am really enjoying as the days get longer and warmer are these beautiful blooms and the colors coming to life.

    Driving down Franklin Street is a great spot to enjoy the blooms, and I am hoping to visit Leigh Farm Park, as it seems to have a great deal of fresh florals to offer.

    Chapel Hill is a very lively town with many roads and highways that are never quiet. The community here seems bustling with neighborhood connections and friends to be made. I cannot wait to get more connected to the Chapel Hill community as Coronavirus numbers dwindle and vaccines are administered. I miss meeting new people and I cannot wait to meet more of our amazing clients IN PERSON!.

    Enjoy this beautiful spring and don’t forget your daily allergy medicine if you need it! I know I do!

    Mary 🙂

    Masha Halpern Boutique Real Estate Team


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