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    Could Homes Near These Stores Have A Higher Value?

    According to an Inman article, not only is healthy food good for your body, but “it’ll do your home some good as well.” The article cites research that suggests living near a Whole Foods or Trader Joes can increase the value of your home.

    While some may argue that these companies are choosing already high income areas, some of the data suggests that they are “not simply piggybacking off already hot neighborhoods.” If you are a data person, you’ll want to check out the charts and research over at Zillow, which also suggests Starbucks has a similar impact to neighborhoods.

    Whether or not the Trader Joes & Whole Foods neighborhood phenomenon is a myth,  we’ve set up home searches for neighborhoods within close vicinity to area stores. Feel free to check them out. Even better, Masha can help customize a new home search for you or help you determine the value of your current home.

    Click here for the Chapel Hill Search

    Click here for the Durham Search

    Happy Shopping!

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