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    Give the Family a Break from Screen Time with these Activities!

    We’re in this together and still have a way to go before the all-clear, so let’s share ideas of ways to increase our kids’ productivity while keeping it fresh and interesting.  Although we’re busy homeschooling (which isn’t technically being graded in most of the triangle area) and trying to juggle work life at the same time, it’s getting easier and easier to give in to more screen time.  If you’re like everyone else in the country, you’re running out of ideas to keep the family entertained, FAST.  We’ve compiled a list of activities that will give the kids a break from the screen time while engaging them AND giving you a little break to work or take a few personal moments.

    • Pick a unique topic to learn about. At the beginning of the week, let the kids each pick out a topic that they’re interested in and have them spend 20-45 minutes a day learning about the topic.  Every Saturday, the whole family can sit down and see what the kids have learned.  To keep it interesting, you can theme the topics!  One week they can pick something historical, the next musical, followed by sports, etc.
    • Turn reading into a game. Make reading more fun while also incentivizing it!  Turning reading into a game such as bingo will help motivate the kids to read their books and enjoy them as well.
    • Spend time every week learning about how to give back. Teach the kids how to sew and make masks for the hospitals.  Have them help you bake their favorite treat to leave at neighbor’s doorsteps.  Have them go through their toys and clothing and decide what can be donated to those in need once this is all over.
    • Get Moving! Moving around both outside and inside of the house is going to be important for everyone to stay happy and motivated!  Pair off the kids and have a dance-off!  Each team can pick their own song and learn a dance throughout the week.  At the end of the week, record the dances and send them to family members to get in on the fun and pick the winner.
    • Get a puzzle going! Puzzles are so wonderful because they can keep anyone, including the kids, engaged for long periods of time but they are also so stimulating for your brain.  It’s the best of both worlds.
    • Learn about the benefits of ingredients. Look up different ways to bake a cake.  Decide which ingredients you want to experiment with and bake the cake in different ways.  For example bake one using applesauce, one using oil and one using a banana.  See which version everyone likes more while enjoying a sweet treat.
    • Art Projects! Find an art project to do every day, if you can!  What is so nice about art projects is the options are endless and you can find hundreds of ideas for every skill level.  Check out Pinterest for ideas that will be fun for both you and the kids, while giving you some time to get other work completed.
    • Stay involved in the community. Have you seen all of the hearts on the windows on the internet and around neighborhoods?  Take part in making colorful hearts and other spring-themed items to put on your windows to spread cheer.  Once you’re done, take a walk outside and go for a drive to see the other hearts in your neighborhood!
    • Let the kids choose. Here’s the deal- we are in uncharted times and we want the kids to learn while also making positive memories.  Make sure to give them as many options as possible throughout the weeks so they are still enjoying their days and not focusing on the negative.  Let them have input in as many of the daily activities that make sense.
    • Keep Recess. Schedules are important and recess is a vital part of a daily school schedule.  Keep at least two recesses built into the day and get them outside!  Let them run, play together or just sit and read.  Mimicking their school schedules help make their routines feel more secure.
    • Let them pick dinner. Have them do research on the local restaurants allowing takeout.  Tell them the dollar limit that they are allotted and have them present meal options for the family for dinner that night.  This will help them with problem solving, math and decision making!
    • Let them teach YOU! Have your kids be the teacher and pick what they want to teach, allowing them to indulge in their interests and have a chance to be the boss!  Changing up the structure gives all of you a more exciting day.


    This has been said many times by many people but it’s worth repeating.  Remember that we’re all in this TOGETHER!  Take a deep breath and remember that, even if their learning in more of an unconventional way, they are STILL learning.  Kids absorb more than we give them credit for.  Remember to talk with them about the pandemic when they have questions.  Be insightful and honest but remember to keep it as light as possible.  We’ll all come out of this stronger and better as a community.

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