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    Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle while you’re still at Home!

    With the weekend approaching, what better way to keep busy than to show your home some TLC?  Rarely is there a time when there’s not an excuse to push to-do lists aside, however, these projects are easy enough that you may be able to cross everything off of your list!

    Maintenance – These are crucial in maintaining and keeping your home operating smoothly but often get overlooked.  Good news! They are so simple and easy to complete.

    • Replace your furnace filter. Did you know that this should be done fairly routinely?  Some filters should be replaced every couple of months while others only once or twice a year.  This depends on how thick the filter is.  It’s always good to check your manual for specific instructions.  Keep this rule of thumb in mind: if you can’t see the material of the filter itself, but only the dust or dirt on it, then it’s time to change it.
    • Clean the gutters. Get the ladder out and put on your go-to dirty baseball hat and get up there!  After a long couple of winter months, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to clean the gutters. This is especially important in maintaining the foundation of your home.
    • Check your detectors. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked at least twice a year.  Make sure the batteries in all of the detectors are working properly and replace any old units.
    • Get that weeding done early! Weed the yard before it becomes overgrown.  Expert gardeners recommend walking around all of the gardens on your property before tackling this task.  Starting in the front of your home is always recommended as that is what people see first.

    Various Projects – Décor, design, and DIY!  These around the home projects tend to be more fun than the “mundane” maintenance tasks!

    • Now is the perfect time to use up the old paint that’s been sitting in the basement or getting something new and fresh for the bedroom remodel that you’ve been putting off.
    • Hang up new pictures. Replace the old school and family photos around the house with updated versions.  Narrow down your options and let the kids decide the winner to help them feel involved.  Is it finally time to hang your art properly?  Order matting supplies online and finally display your photos and artwork the way they deserve.
    • Redecorate! Bookshelves, built-in cabinets and walls.  They could all use a little redecorating every once in a while.  Most times, this doesn’t even involve buying new décor.  Take everything off of the shelves and start over with what you had out and the pieces that have been put away.
    • Rearrange! Sometimes all a room needs is a little TLC and rearranging.  Take the furniture out of your most lived-in rooms.  Clean under beds and couches and then let your inner home remodeler go to work.  It’s amazing how refreshing a rearranged room can feel – and just in time for guests to come over again!
    • The pantry, the junk drawers, and the kitchen cabinets.  The possibilities are endless.  Most of us could spend an entire day organizing our drawers and closets but it’s probably best to start with those that are used the most.
    • Lighting – let the light in! Clean the lampshades with a microfiber cloth and replace your lightbulbs.  Wash your curtains and pull them back.
    • Focus on small appliances. It gets mentioned often enough that the large appliances in our home should be cleaned and maintained such as the refrigerator and stove.  But don’t forget about the smaller, less crucial gadgets, too!  Items such as the coffee pot, toaster, food processor, and slow cookers could benefit from a little TLC as well.  Spend some time taking them apart and carefully cleaning the small pieces.
    • Deep clean!   Start at the bottom with the baseboards and walls and work your way up.  If you want to do it right, don’t forget to clean under all of the furniture, the floors inside the closets, doorknobs, and hardware, inside the windows, the ceiling fans, and the list goes on!  Once all of the detailed areas have been crossed off your list, then focus on the floors.  Throw on your favorite music and cross those details off of your list!


    At a time when we are all feeling restless and stuck, these simple home tasks can help rejuvenate and lift up our spirits.  Having an organized, clean and up-to-date home can help anyone to get out of the rut that’s caused by being stuck at home with little interaction from the outside world.  By the time we’re able to get out and back to our regular lives, your to-do list will be complete!


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    We will get through this! While we are experiencing some uncertainty, we do know that people will have homes they need to sell and homes that people will need to buy. You will be able to buy and sell Real Estate safely & comfortably wherever it is that you may be.

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