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    Oh… The Things You Could Do With A BONUS ROOM!!

    Whether it be the kitchen, living space, or the bedrooms, every room in a home is important for its own reason and often coveted. So, what happens if you find yourself with an extra bonus room that you don’t actually “need”? Do you have all of the bedrooms you desire and have also managed to make another room an office but still are fortunate enough to have an extra bonus room? Here are some ideas for transforming the extra space in your house into the perfect room for you and your family!
    • What could be more impressive than your home’s very own library? Add floor-to-ceiling built-ins (professionally or DIY!) and you have officially given your house a luxury amenity! A library can also double as a reading room, a quiet game room, and a classy study.
    Music Room
    • This is ideal if you have musicians in the family that need to practice or simply just want a space to play, without distracting the rest of the family. For a more casual music room, you can display all of the instruments around the room, allowing your budding musicians practice to freely. If you’re really looking to impress, have the room professionally soundproofed so everyone can play to their heart’s content without bothering anyone else!
    Storage Room
    • Let’s face it, we all could use some extra storage? If you don’t feel the need to use your bonus room as another living space in your home, you can utilize the extra space to perfectly organize all of your extra belongings! Whether it’s clothes and toys the kids have outgrown, holiday décor, tools, linens, or all of the other miscellaneous items that get collected over the years, having a room dedicated to organized storage is hard to beat.
    Play Room
    • Who doesn’t want a separate, designated space for all of the kids’ toys, books, and games? So often, we run out of space to put all of these things so they start to take over the living spaces of the home that you wish you could keep “nice”. Not to mention, you don’t want to leave too many toys in their room because that could interfere with their sleep. So, why not have a cute space just for them?! The decorating ideas would be endless!
    Homework Room
    • With virtual learning expected to be, in some way or another, a permanent reality going forward, a room designated for the kids’ homework and learning is becoming more and more appealing. Not only will this space keep both you and the kids organized but it will also allow them to have a place in the house where they can focus without any outside distractions.
    Craft Room
    • What’s not to love about a good craft room? We’re living in the time of DIY’s and there’s no better place to let your creative energy flow than in a craft room. Not only is this a wonderful place to be alone when trying to get that pattern you’ve been working on just right, but it’s also ideal to store all of your craft supplies. Because let’s face it, not many hobbies take up as much space as crafting materials do.
    Home Theater
    • If you don’t have a finished basement that functions as a family rec-room, why not turn the bonus room into an entertainment oasis? What’s wonderful about a home theater is the room doesn’t have to be large! All you really need to make this room functioning to serve its purpose is a small projector, a couch, an area designated for a snack bar, and a surround system! For the perfect added touch, decorate the room with your favorite movie posters and invest in an old-fashioned popcorn machine!
    Art Room
    • Whether mom and dad are passionate artists, or the kids like to channel their creativity through art, an art room could be the perfect addition to your home for many reasons! For starters, regardless of the artist, art is messy. We often don’t do enough art projects with kids due to the stress and worry about the countertops and walls getting too dirty or permanently stained. Enter your new art room! It’s a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to channel their creativity in a safe space. Also, if you’re serious about your art, it makes being alone and unbothered while you’re in the zone much easier!
    Home Gym
    • A home gym can serve multiple functions for every member of the family. Having a home gym allows space for cardio, yoga, dancing, and so much more. Not only is a home gym convenient but it’s also private, giving beginners and experts, both old and young alike, the space and peace of mind they need to get their perfect workout in.
    If you still find yourself wondering what to do with your extra space, the good news is that nothing has to be permanent. If you try one idea out and it just isn’t being utilized enough, you can always go with a different idea! Regardless of what you choose, the important thing is making it your own!

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