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    Safely Move to Another Home with these Important Tips!

    Real Estate is an essential business, and moving during this time can be done safely.   Whether you purchased a home before the stay at home order was put into effect, or it was purchased virtually during the order, there are many things you can do to make sure you stay safe and healthy throughout your moving process.

    Preparing for your move:

    • Before you make the arrangements for your move, make sure to research all of the legal restrictions for your particular moving area. While moving has been deemed “essential” around the nation, there are still some restrictions based on county and, at times, even specific neighborhoods.
    • While packing up your current home and getting ready to donate all of the items that you no longer need, make sure you call ahead! Many donation sites are currently closed and have suspended all drop-offs until further notice.
    • If you’re going to use professional movers, make sure to ask them as many questions as you deem necessary. Write out the list of questions before you give them a call.  Here are some potential items you may want answers to ahead of time:

    What safety gear will the movers be wearing?

    How often are the trucks sanitized and will they be sanitizing surfaces in your home after they touch them or will you be responsible for that?

    Are they thoroughly washing all blankets after every move?

    What is there current cancelation/postponement policy? (Make sure you get a written copy of this! Preferably dated and signed)

    How are they keeping their employees safe?  How often are they monitoring their employee’s symptoms and taking their temperature?

    • Make sure you have an ample amount of cleaning supplies before you move! Think about how much you’ll need for yourself while you’re packing, during your move for both yourself and your movers, after the move once the movers have left and then for everyday life after that.
    • Get your internet and cable set up at least a couple of days before you move!
    • While packing, try to use new boxes or boxes that have only been in your home. Even though it’s much easier (and often cost-effective) to get boxes from friends or local businesses, utilizing new ones will ensure your family’s safety.

    While you’re moving:

    • Remember, even though moving is considered essential, it’s important to keep social distancing in mind while moving. When choosing who will help you move, keep the number of people to a minimum.  If you’re able, only have the members in your household help.  However, we know that sometimes you need more help than that!  If the assistance of other friends or family is needed, keep your distance from them and make sure they’re also following any safety precautions that you deem necessary.
    • If possible, schedule your move-in date 3 days prior to when your family will actually be in the home.  This gives any potential virus time to become obsolete.
    • If you need to move in soon after the movers have done their job, follow these simple steps:

    -Have a single adult from your family take care of the necessary steps to clean the home after the movers have left

    -Make sure all of the furniture was only handled while it was covered and have someone in your family handle taking all of the covering off

    -Have one family member disinfect all points of entry, along with all of the surfaces of the home in EVERY room

    -Pack strategically.  Make sure that most of your items are packed in a way that they won’t be opened for 72 hours.  Have everyone in your family pack an overnight bag of clothes and toiletries for three days.  When packing the boxes, label a couple of them as OPEN FIRST in brightly colored lettering.  Keep other boxes out of your occupating living areas.  Use paper plates and disposable dinnerware so you don’t have to unpack all of your kitchen items within the first 72 hours.


    Final Thoughts:

    • When going through the closing process, sign everything you’re able to electronically. Most agents/companies are already offering this service.
    • Remember that everyone is changing policies and are in uncharted territory. Work with any of the companies assisting your move to ensure the safety of both your family as well as the employees.
    • If you wonder if something should be disinfected while packing or unpacking, go with your gut and disinfect it! When in doubt, you can never be too safe right now.
    • Don’t allow anyone who isn’t feeling well to help with the move! If one of the kids is sick, have them stay in an isolated room once you get to the new house and disinfect anything they might have touched behind them.

    There are many ways to get through your move safely and we’re here to assist!   Congratulations on your new home!


    Everyone’s safety is our first priority. We are providing services 👩💻electronically – VIRTUAL listing appointments, buyer consultations, 🏡virtual showings, & paperwork completed electronically! We are taking steps every day to raise the level of everyone’s safety and health and are preparing our seller’s homes with a more  “touch-free ” experience and buyer tours with CDC recommended protections.

    We will get through this! While we are experiencing some uncertainty, we do know that people will have homes they need to sell and homes that people will need to buy. You will be able to buy and sell Real Estate safely & comfortably wherever it is that you may be.

    Our team is here to help you, in any way we can, Real Estate or otherwise.

    Call or text us today at ☎️(919)-414-0337  or 877-478 4669 if you are out of state, for more information.


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