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    Stage Your Home to Sell During this Great Sellers Market!

    It’s no secret by now that the market is expected to be more than ideal for sellers throughout the rest of the year.  However, knowing how to stage your home perfectly is still crucial in any market to make sure your home stands out amongst the crowd and garners the best price, especially when turn-key homes are in such demand.  So, before you and your realtor get started on the listing photos and house showings, make sure your home is staged to appeal to every family that walks through the door!

    • Nothing can get accomplished until your house is clean.  Whether you do this on your own, or you hire a professional, the first step you should always take is cleaning.  No matter how your home is decorated and staged, if it isn’t clean, it simply won’t look good.  Once it’s cleaned, it’s time to declutter!  You’ll be shocked at how much bigger your house looks after you’ve gotten rid of everything that isn’t used or necessary, especially around the living areas.  
    • Make sure it feels like a home!  While you want to keep things simple, it’s important to remember people should still feel a sense of home when they walk in or look at the listing pictures.  Adding simple touches such as having fresh flowers in key areas and having cookies plated and freshly out of the oven can go a long way. 
    • Get rid of the personal touches of your family.  It’s ok to cherish your family photos and to display the artwork that your kids gave you when they were younger.  However, when you’re staging your home, it’s sometimes best to stow these cherished memories away for a while.  While keeping these items out does a wonderful job of showing how your family made your house a home, it tends to make it difficult for other families to envision their lives there. 
    • Remove evidence of pets living in the house.  While your pet might be the most important member of your family to you, not every buyer is going to want a home that reminds them of animals.  Once they can tell that an animal has lived in the house, they might be extra sensitive to certain smells or wear-and-tear that could have been caused by you pets (and some could also be allergic!).  It’s best to have your pet stay with a friend or relative while the house is being shown and make sure they, along with their toys and treats, are out of all of the listing photos. 
    • Clean up all of the toys.  While it’s nice to show families the different ways your home works for children and all of their toys and activities, it’s equally important to clean all these items up and have them organized and stored in a way that will keep them out of sight.  Not every buyer is going to have children and seeing toys around can be distracting. 
    • Keep your décor neutral.  When it comes to a color pallet, stick to neutral tones.  This is a beneficial tactic because, for starters, it will help to make your home feel larger.  Not only will it feel larger but it will also accentuate any of the natural light that your house has, which is a big factor for almost every buyer.  Also, making sure all of the paint colors and styling of your house is neutral will allow potential buyers to focus on the amenities and attributing features of your home, instead of your taste in décor.  Remember, you want them to leave remembering the house, not those who currently live in it!
    • Showcase local charm.  Do you live in a desired community?  Are you hoping to attract a buyer who is as proud to live in the Triangle area as you are?  Consider showcasing your community by displaying art from local artists or pieces that emphasize landscapes and popular destinations native to the Triangle.  It’s the perfect way to display what you love about your home and the community, without making it feel too personalized. 
    • Leave no room unturned.  Remember that buyers are looking at the big picture, not just what you might consider the focal points of your home.  Make sure every room is staged well and is ready to be viewed.  Subtle touches and fresh paint go a long way in any room!
    • Curb appeal is crucial!  It goes without saying, curb appeal is the first impression a buyer is going to make when they come to view your home in person.  Make sure the landscaping is both clean and fresh, while also not too over-baring.  You want the outside of your home to look nice, not like impending work for the next occupant. 

    There you have it!  A starting point to a perfectly staged home for any house in the Triangle.  If you’re unsure where to start, or if what you have done is good enough, don’t hesitate to reach out to your realtor.  Afterall, they’re the experts!

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