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    The Incredible Choices at The Food Trucks of Durham!!

    It’s no secret that the food scene in the Triangle is, arguably, some of the most eclectic and wide-ranging in the southeast. However, did you know that it is also one of the largest food truck communities in the country? The food truck scene throughout the Triangle, especially around Durham, has done nothing but expand over the last year, allowing restaurants and new entrepreneurs an opportunity to thrive throughout unprecedented times. Here are some of the best throughout the Durham area!
    Entrees and Full Menus
    American Meltdown – Handcrafted melts made fresh to order. What sets this menu apart from the rest are the unique ingredients and recipes!
    Boricua Soul – A family business that thrives on experimenting with Puerto Rican-inspired soul food. You won’t find anything else quite like Boricua Soul.
    Bulgogi – One of the original Triangle food trucks, it doesn’t get better than street style Korean BBQ! Their menu is so irresistible, you’ll want to take advantage of their catering option for your next party.
    Bull City Street Food – Everything you imagine when you initially think of a food truck. Unique and delicious street food!
    Chirba Chirba Dumpling – Comfort food, dumpling style! These two trucks are just about everywhere around the Triangle these days and, once you’ve tried their dumplings, you’ll understand why they’ve been awarded the Best of the Triangle!
    La Republica – A modern approach to Mexican cuisine and family traditions in the kitchen, every item on the menu is thoughtfully handcrafted to be the perfect fusion between the roots of Mexican cuisine and modern-day techniques.
    Mama Voula’s – Authentic Grecian cuisine that will keep you coming back for more! The menu is always fresh and is routinely changing with the seasons, in order to ensure that each ingredient is up to Mama’s standards.
    Oak City Fish and Chips – Fresh baskets of fish and chips made to order just for you. The three different Oak City Fish and Chips food trucks travel throughout the Triangle and provide the best seafood a truck can offer, including lobster, calamari, shrimp, oyster, scallops, and more!
    Queso Monster – Owned by a local husband and wife who have over 30 years of culinary experience, collectively. At Queso Monster, you’ll enjoy unique, handcrafted menu items that truly represent the roots of the culture they cherish.

    Breakfast, Sweet Treats, and Drinks
    Belgian Waffle Crafters – In a league of its own, Belgian Waffle Crafters is the only waffle food truck in the area and these scratch-made waffles do not disappoint! They travel throughout the triangle and will pop up just about anywhere.
    Bull City Eatery – The community hot spot for on-the-go breakfast and brunch! The perfect way to enjoy the best pastries, deli sandwiches, and coffee throughout a hectic day.
    Caffe Bellezza – Enjoy quality, locally roasted, and sourced coffee and chocolate while supporting a sustainable lifestyle! Caffe Bellezza is proud to be the first food truck in North Carolina to run off of solar panels and is also Sustainable Certified.
    Captain Cookie – Cookies with a cause. When you order from Captain Cookie, you’ll not only get to enjoy delicious desserts and floats, but also do so knowing you’re supporting a business that is dedicated to bettering the community through local food banks, schools, and community organizations close to their hearts.
    Snowie – Freshly shaved ice, need we say more? Instead of a traditional snow cone, once you take a bite of your dessert from Snowie, you’ll feel like you’re eating the most delicious, flavorful, melt in your mouth, snow there is!

    There are so many benefits when it comes to supporting the food truck scene, one of which is you know the food is always made to order! On top of that, almost all of the food trucks in the area are family-owned, local small businesses. While some food trucks are, for the most part, stationary, others travel to various locations and events. To know where a truck is at any given time, make sure to check their website! Many are also available to rent for special occasions and catering opportunities. Enjoying the many food trucks that Durham has to offer is the perfect way to get out and support the community this spring!

    Make sure to stay up to date on our website and Facebook page to get all of the latest news and events throughout the Triangle this spring!

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