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Transform your Home into Luxury Style with these GREAT DIY Tips!

All too often, the term “luxury”, when referencing a home, is paired with large and expensive homes.  But there is so much more to luxury than the size and price of a house.  If you’re looking to add a luxurious spark to your home on a budget, you’re in luck!  There are many ways to add luxury touches to your home with little effort and a small price tag.

Stick to neutral hues – Keeping the color scheme throughout your home neutral will help to enhance the décor and furnishings that you choose to represent your style.  Go beyond paint.  If you’re really hoping for a sophisticated and more expensive look, keep your furniture neutral as well.

Find the perfect spot for temporary wallpaper – Wallpaper has always been associated with sophistication and now it is back in trend!  One of the main reasons why people choose not to go with wallpaper is due to it’s permanency.  Fortunately, they now make temporary wallpaper that’s just as easy to take off as it is to put on!  So, feel free to go for it!  Whether you choose to wallpaper your dining room, nursery, or living room, you will instantly enhance your home!

Update your light fixtures to showstoppers – Upscale chandeliers and recessed lighting go a long way when it comes to luxury and ambiance.  Switching out your light fixtures to not only be functional but to also serve as statement pieces will give every room the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication.

Consider floor-length curtains – This is such an easy way to upgrade your décor.  Choosing floor-length curtains will add both luxuries as well as make your room look larger.  It’s a win-win!

Embrace space – For starters, giving your home more space and embracing storage solutions will immediately make your home feel bigger.  After all, there is nothing luxurious about clutter.  While you declutter and make space, you can choose chic storage baskets and high-end space-savers to add to the ambiance.

Invest in a couple of vintage, high-end, statement pieces – Just because it’s a statement piece doesn’t mean it has to be large.  Investing in one or two pieces for your favorite rooms of the house will instantly enhance your home.  If you want to stay true to the Triangle area, visit a couple of local antique shops to find the perfect pieces that reflect North Carolina!

Upgrade your framed photos – Focus on thick, large frames that allow your photos to have a matte border.  If you’re planning on hanging them, the bigger the better.  If they’re going on the shelves, consider layering them to give more depth.

Think about the classic pieces – While it’s fun to stay on-trend if you’re trying to transform your home into a luxury that will stand the test of time, make sure you’re choosing enough classic pieces that are sure to never go out of style.  In many ways, luxury and timeless go hand-in-hand.

Install built-ins – If you’re unwilling to get this done professionally and are on a budget, there are plenty of hacks to make it look like the real deal!  One popular way of creating a built-in look is to stack floor-to-ceiling bookcases together.  There are also many “built-in” options that you can build yourself!  Adding a built-in cabinet look will not only set an impressive impression but will also allow you the perfect place to show off your favorite décor.

Keep things clean – This might seem like an insignificant tip but it just might be the most important!  Without keeping things clean and in place, no home can give off a luxury vibe.  Getting into a routine will have positive results that you can be proud of!

Most importantly, have fun!  Enjoy the process of adding luxury to your Triangle home and take pride in your décor choices and tastes.  At the end of the day, luxury is what you make of it.

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