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    Why Should You Partner with an Experienced, Successful Local Agent like Masha Halpern for your Buying and Selling Needs?

    People are often urged to make sure they have a trusted local real estate professional when buying or selling a home.  It’s crucial that they have someone they can trust and rely on to ensure they are getting the best deal and are taken care of throughout the journey.  However, many potential buyers and sellers are unaware of just how much a realtor actually does for them and why they are such a vital factor in the success of your real estate journey.  In a climate heavily directed by the success of sites such as Zillow and the constant curiosity in FSBO, here are the reasons why you should ALWAYS choose to partner with a top real estate professional like Masha Halpern, who is one of the most trusted and experienced agents in the Triangle area.

    What real estate agents do for their buyers:

    To start, it is critical to make sure you sign a buyer’s agent agreement.  This will ensure that the realtor you’re working with has your best fiduciary interest in mind both while searching for your dream home and negotiating on your behalf.

    The first step your buyer’s agent will guide you through is getting a pre-approval.  They know, first hand, how important it is to be pre-approved before you begin searching for homes.  Any trusted agent will also have vast experience working with various mortgage brokers and lenders and will be able to recommend the perfect person to get your approval process started.

    Once you have your pre-approval, the fun begins – searching for your perfect home!  While this might initially seem like something that you could successfully do without an agent, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Agents are vital assets in searching for your dream home for the following reasons:

    • They have immense knowledge of all of the ideal neighborhoods, nearby schools, parks and home values that will fit your budget.
    • They will sit down with you and discuss what is important for you and your family so they can counsel you on the best options available that meet your needs.
    • They have access and the ability to search for homes for sale that are not yet listed on the market as well as the MLS listings.

    They do the heavy lifting when taking care of making offers.  Your agent is a professional, trust them.  They know how to negotiate while keeping your best interest in mind.  They will help you determine an initial offer amount and will guide you through the entire process once the seller responds.  This also goes for any contingencies you may have.  Once you have everything determined, they will then write up the offer letter for you, ensuring that is proficient and thorough.  Again, they’re experts!  You can trust in their ability to represent you well.  After all, they know the ins and outs of what makes a home add or lose value and how much it should actually be worth, despite what the current market Is telling you.

    Once you have an accepted offer, it’s time for an inspection.  Your realtor will also guide you through every step of this process:

    • They can suggest a trusted inspector for you to hire if you don’t already have on in mind.
    • They are able to attend the inspection with you. This is beneficial because they know all of the right questions to ask.
    • A realtor is not biased and they understand that no home is perfect. While this might be difficult for the buyer of the home to accept, your realtor will take the reins and write up reasonable inspection contingencies based on any significant repairs that the seller should be responsible for.

    Masha will communicate with the seller’s agent and all other relevant parties throughout the entirety of the sale from offer to closing day.  Any questions you might have, she will get them answered for you and be your confidant every step of the way.  Masha will finalize all loose ends and make sure that the purchase of your new home goes as planned and as smooth as possible.

    Learn more by reading through our Steps for Buyers here.

    What real estate agents do for their sellers:

    1. Your realtor will be in charge of correctly pricing your home from the start. This is more than just determining value.  This is also having vast knowledge about the current climate of the market and determining how much your home should sell for.  Often times, sellers will want to put their home on the market for a much higher price than appropriate.  This can certainly delay the sale of your home and have potential consequences when inspected. It also normally results in much fewer offers being written.   Having a strong realtor that you can trust, like Masha Halpern, will ensure your home is on the market appropriately priced to sell.
    2. Masha leads the way when it comes to taking professional, quality photographs of your home for the listing. An excellent realtor knows how important these photographs are and will make the process of staging and capturing your home seriously. Masha personally accesses every home and works through the staging process with her sellers to best showcase the home.
    3. Once your home is on the market, personalized marketing both online and hard copy will be created. Exposure is a key to success and Masha’s beautiful, detailed approach to marketing your property is second to none. You can view samples of this marketing on our website and Facebook page.   Marketing your home both online and with other realtors will ensure you get the best offer for your home.
    4. Masha will handle the entirety of the selling process, from listing, marketing, open houses, and more to make sure an offer is best suited for you. She won’t accept offers from potential buyers until they have verified that they’re already pre-approved for a loan.  Masha, as a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) will negotiate with the buyer’s agent when offers and contingencies come through.  She is an expert negotiator and will make sure the final accepted offer is the best available, always putting your needs and best interest in the forefront.

    Masha will communicate with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  As an experienced, extremely successful local realtor, she will treat the sale of your home exactly as she would treat putting her own home on the market.

    Here’s what Masha brings to your home sale!


    Buying and selling a home is often viewed as stressful, but there is no need to add the pressure of having to do it on your own.  Having a strong realtor, like Masha Halpern, is a vital part of any home sale and should always be a priority when beginning the process.  You can count on her, to be honest, fair, and represent you and your family with the highest level of integrity.  It’s important to remember that you should have high expectations of what to expect out of your realtor.


    Are you looking to buy or sell a home?  Get in touch with Masha, the Triangle’s leading realtor, by visiting our website and following us on Facebook!


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