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    Why Working With a Real Estate Broker Benefits You – 5 Part Series

    If only selling your home were as easy as putting in a yard sign; or if finding the right home were as easy as browsing zillow, touring the home, and agreeing on a price with a seller. There are a lot of complicated steps with some very real ramifications to be aware of. Sometimes ‘Timing’ can make or break a deal too!  That’s where Technology can be your friend & make important steps of the process almost seamless. There is a lot more information available to the general public than ever before but there are also many complicated issues like navigating the due diligence period and legal processes. Having a fiduciary Broker, like Masha is, with expert knowledge acting as your fiduciary can help you stay out of the pitfalls of inspections, loan processing and the ever-changing real estate laws. Working with Masha will also help you understand a Shifting, Buyer,  Balanced, or Seller Driven Market and how each of those special types of “market conditions” can affect your ability to buy and sell your home. There is a lot of legal paperwork to manage too. Masha’s emphasis is on harnessing technology to secure and protect your family’s investment! 

    Below is the first part of a 5 part series highlighting some of the  important reasons why having a Broker representing your interests helps protect your largest investment and lower the headaches and bumps along the way!

    With over 31 years experience, our team, Masha Halpern Boutique Real Estate at Keller Williams United excels in all of these categories.

    Here’s an overview of the topics we’ll cover:

    Part 1: Money

    Part 2: Time

    Part 3: Expertise & Ethics

    Part 4: Education & Real Estate Law

    Part 5: Emotions


    Probably number one at the forefront of people’s mind is the money factor. Either you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in your home and want to get a good return on investment, or you are looking to invest in a home that will not only serve your family’s needs but make a smart financial investment.

    Here are some ways that a good Broker will help you with the financial parts of this process:

    Knowledge of the Market
    A great agent like Masha studies the market and knows the current conditions. This will help you determine when to sell/buy and whether there are things you can do to improve the ability  for reaching your goals.

    You have a number in your head, but is it realistic? Where are you getting your information from and how specific if that price opinion compared to the specific neighborhood/community  and real estate market? Generalizations can be costly to you. Pricing your home too high will not only cost you in time on the market & extend your mortgage carrying costs , but it will also leave buyers wondering why your home has not sold. The National Association of Realtors has researched and found that year after year, a home that has been on the market longer experiences more price adjustments & ultimately sells for less than if it had been priced properly from the start . Having an experienced broker like Masha pricing your home based on your home’s specific features with THE most relevant sales in your local community will keep your pricing mindset and expectations realistic and competitive to bring the most buyers for it to sell. Of course pricing your home too low will not maximize your investment but having a pricing strategy tailored to your communities specific market indicators could get you in a position to really take advantage of what your market offers. Aligning yourself with Masha will position you your home and price because she has decades of market experience and the highest level of knowledge to accomplish this and meet your needs.

    Representation & Negotiating
    Price seems to be the major point of negotiations in real estate transactions but there are actually many parts to the contract which can be used to your advantage and can effect the success of an offer:  Some of these terms are due diligence length, earnest money amount, inspection repair requests, settlement date, personal property as part of the sale to name a few. Knowing what is the best combination of terms for your personal needs & how to present them to the other party is  a strong talent of Masha’s and why so many of her clients hire her again and again. She’s been in the business for over 26 years and has tons of knowledge and experience to help meet your goals! 

    She will also exclusively represent you. Bound by the code of ethics from the National Association of Realtors, and also by her own mission statement, Masha will put your interests first and will have complete commitment to you and confidentiality for your situation. There’s a good chance that the Buyer/Seller on the other side of the transaction has someone representing them and aligning yourself with Masha gives you an  “edge” above others.

    Next week we’ll present Part 2: Time, and consider the many ways this precious commodity can be freed up for you and your family. 

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