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    Why Working with a Real Estate Broker Benefits YOU – Part 3

    Would you trust yourself with a major automotive repair? What about with a legal concern? Most likely you are going to want an expert to help you. That’s exactly what a Real Estate Broker is – an expert in all things related to real estate. It only makes sense that you would want an expert to help you with such a large financial & emotional investment. Here are some areas where having an expert can really make the difference…

    While a yard sign might attract some interest, would it attract enough interest? Interest from a credible and financially capable buyer? Interest that could lead to the best possible offer that ultimately results in a transfer of property ownership? 

    Masha and her team cast a wide net with marketing materials that focus on the most desirable features of your property and positioning your home for being noticed on various online and social media sites. Every home has a story and Masha’s team goes to finish line writing authentic and engaging marketing stories that highlight your home’s experiences to engage the best buyers!  Beyond attracting buyers, Masha also makes sure they are pre-approved for a loan and very qualified ‘ closeable’ candidates for you to select from so that you end up with the best buyer for your home – the one who can close!

    Staging Your Home For Sellers-
    So what does Staging Your Home mean? In the everyday sense of things it means to thoughtfully arrange your furnishings and decor to make your home look its best while selling it. This can mean anything from removing or thoughtfully adding items to enhance the home and draw attention to the home’s details ( and away from your belongings ), or even renting some furniture if you don’t have enough or it doesn’t enhance the home’s marketing. Staging can make a BIG difference.

    So why do it?  The simple answer is that Staging a house helps buyers imagine themselves living in it.  The stats back us up on this. The National Association of Realtors found that 49 % of buyers thought staging made the house look better and 77% of buyers said it helped them imagine themselves living in it. So, If you want to sell your home faster, staging is a clever way to do it.!

    A little investment in time and dollars can really give you more in your pockets in the end.  It helps you shine in competitive markets, as homebuyers are becoming accustomed to seeing staged homes—in person, on home decorating shows, and online. 

    With insights gained after working with buyers for over 26 years, Masha knows what appeals to most buyers. She uses this knowledge to help you stage your home so that its best features come to the forefront. Masha can  offer advice on where to place things, and bring some light decor touches in to a home as well as connect her clients to professional home stagers to create that warm and welcoming environment that every buyer is wanting.

    Staging is not only about the decorating; it’s also about the stage we set in our marketing!

    Our professional photographer will visit your home and work with us to decide how to showcase your home’s best features- get the best angles and lighting so that we can really show it off !  With online home touring continuing to be an important step in the home buying process it is crucial to have your first and best showing online! We have made a commitment to our clients that high quality images are a must because first impressions do matter! Your first showing is online- it’s how buyers make the cut and delete homes off their ‘visit’ list and quality photos really do make a big difference.

    Advice on Offers for Sellers-
    So your home is on the market and you have offers! Now what?!

    How do you know if an offer is the right one? With so many factors (price, earnest money, closing date, etc.), it’s sometimes hard to tell what the bottom line is and which one is best for you. If you have more than one offer( yes, we get them ) and they have different terms how can you really compare them?  That’s where Masha’s expertise comes in once again! She’ll lay out all the facts for you, speak with your about the different scenarios and create a plan making sure that you feel comfortable selecting the best choice for your family. Often times it’s not just about the sale price- sometimes it’s the ‘every day’ factors that make or break the decision of which offer wins.

    Features for Buyers-
    Masha has a talent for finding homes that have just the right features to meet the needs of her buyer clients! Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a difference and other times they have a unique request but it all starts with a conversation where she listens to her client’s speak of their needs, and what they would like to achieve with their next home purchase. Sometimes it’s a unique request, or a dream of their children walking to schools with friends. Perhaps a second home that offers a stunning view! 

    Masha’s knowledge of local neighborhoods is immense- 26 years of it! That is a bonus for her clients as she has a very intimate knowledge of the communities in which she specializes.  Knowing the homes, designs and having experience with new construction and building homes, seeing neighborhoods develop, and being a parent in the local Durham Schools and Chapel Hill Carrboro schools allows her to help customize the search for a much more efficient list of homes; one that reflects her client’s needs and best interest. Her knowledge will help you spend more time in homes that are true possibilities. 

    Finding the home is one of the steps- Securing it another! One key feature high on the list of desirable services a great Broker can offer is strategizing and strong negotiating skills when preparing and presenting offers. Regardless of what kind of market it is- ( buyer, balanced, seller, limited inventory or any other key term used to describe the housing market in your area ), properly researching the most relevant home sales, preparing the best offer based on all of your clients needs, presenting the offer to the other Broker, negotiating the purchase terms as well as the myriad of details that follow related to  lending, inspections, and settlement details; a strong and detailed negotiator is a must! Masha has 26 years of experience and is a certified negotiation expert in her field! There will always be new things that come up but choosing to work with Masha Halpern, who has a vast knowledge of so many parts of the home buying process really sets her clients up for success! Masha is your partner guiding you by using her knowledge, negotiations skills, and technology with her easy &  responsive manner toward your successful home purchase.

    Next week is Part 4, where we’ll discuss how Education, Ethics & Real Estate Law play a role as one of the major advantages a broker can give you in your home sale or purchase.

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