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    Why Working with a Real Estate Broker Benefits YOU – Part 5

    “A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” ~John Lubbock

    Just as there are many types of people, so are there reasons for buying or selling a home. No two stories are the same with emotions ranging from joy and excitement, to loss and uncertainty. Sometimes these emotions can get in the way, that’s where a professional comes in handy. Having a ‘buffer’ between parties to manage communications, and being available to talk through all of the steps and processes can be very helpful. As helpful is to have someone available to listen to your concerns and fears and problem solve for you. That is also something Masha will do with you!

    Reasons to Buy or Sell
    For some, delving into purchasing or buying a home may mean the thrill of first time homeownership, or maybe it’s bittersweet because your family is growing and you have to leave behind your first home. Sometimes it’s finally getting into the neighborhood you’ve been wanting to live in and sometimes it’s the uncertainty of moving to a new place for a job. Loss, divorce, marriage, needing to be near elderly parents, and downs-sizing as life changes can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. 

    Sometimes there may be disagreement within a family as to what will best serve their needs and what it is they are looking for. A dedicated Broker can give you some perspective as a third party with no particular attachments to a house. Masha is great at taking your emotional needs into consideration while helping serve your real estate needs in a way that gets you closer to your goals. Taking the time to discern what your ideal outcome would be allows Masha to customize your search or sale and then create a plan with you in mind.

    Asking the Right Questions
    Experience with past clients has given Masha the insight to know the right questions to ask. They may be house related, but they may also be related to life goals & aspirations or personality traits. Getting to know you serves as the foundation for your experience with our team. We enjoy working with people. We enjoy helping people with a process that can be deeply emotional. We enjoy guiding you through one of life’s major events – selling or buying a home. It all starts with a consultation meeting to hear what you have to say! Fill out this quick form to set up a time to talk with Masha.

    Support After Closing
    Because we get to know you and develop a relationship, we want you to know that we are here for you after  settlement has occurred! As a part of our larger family of past clients, we will continue to support you with your real estate questions, your community questions, and whatever else you need. We stay in touch on a regular basis and offer fun client appreciation programs and events! Check out our most recent ones here. Our hope is that you’ll entrust us with your referral to your family and friends for their real estate needs based on the experience you’ve had with us.

    “Make sure everyone who works with you or for you feels the need to tell others about the incredible experience.” ~Chris Murray. This is our goal- to give you such great service you will want to RAVE about us to everyone who wants to buy and sell a home in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough.

    This is the last entry of this blog series and we want to hear your comments about it!  Email us at Feel free to find out more about our team, our services and our community involvement on our website at

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