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    Let Us Introduce You!

    Buying a home in DurhamChapel Hill or the surrounding areas is a great choice! Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina is not just a place to live; it’s a way of life! It’s also a serious venture. Your house is not just your home. Sure, there is the investment in the property itself, but it’s also an investment in the area and the future.

    Finding and securing a home can be a complicated and stressful process with a long list of items to take care of, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking care of details is our speciality. When you hire Masha Halpern and Boutique Real Estate you have a team of professionals to rely on; someone who has your fiduciary interests at the foundation of everything she does. You have someone to be your advocate, plan a strategy with, and a negotiation expert to help secure your new home at the best possible price.

    Our promise to you is to make your home buying process smooth and worry-free. We know the lenders, inspectors, attorneys, and we know the area. When you tour homes with Masha Halpern at Boutique Real Estate Group you won’t just see a home, you will see what brings the neighborhood to life; where to shop, get the best sandwich, snag the best local ice cream cone, and enjoy a stroll through the farmer’s market. Local culture is just around the corner with summer symphonies in the park, amazing places to eat, local galleries featuring an assortment of eclectic art to suit everyone’s taste, and lively downtown areas. There are beautiful nature trails, parks and jaw-dropping historic neighborhoods showcasing some of the area’s most significant homes.

    Something to Remember

    Masha will help you find the home of your dreams. Way before that, Masha will sit down with you for an initial buyer consultation to help you identify your needs, wishes, and list of non-negotiable features in your next home. We will identify communities, neighborhoods and even streets if that is what it takes to find the right property for your family. With Masha’s extensive knowledge and experience and her team of experts guiding you every step of the way, you can be assured you will have the best home buying experience possible so that the only thing you need to worry about it which home to choose!

    Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

    Simply complete Masha’s Contact form today so we can help you achieve your real estate goals and buy your Chapel Hill or Durham home for the Best Possible Price!

    What Should You Expect?

    The first step is a short phone conversation with Masha after sending in your “contact us’ form from our website. During this call you would share with Masha what you are looking for, current situation regarding selling your current home or if you’re renting, your lease terms. Masha will review Agency relationships and share the Working with Realtors brochure that will be the first step towards arranging for Masha to be your advocate/ Buyer’s Agent. Masha is able to answer a few questions at this time as well. If you are obtaining financing, your first step is to talk with a lender so you have an accurate picture of your most comfortable price range. Masha can provide contact information to a few trusted lenders that we have had positive experiences with so that your financing is in order and you are comfortable with your plan for purchasing a home with Masha. To schedule an initial call, please contact us!

    Let’s Get Started!

    Purchasing a home is a big event in life and one of the largest single investments most people make. We know this is a personal process as well, so we will listen to what is most important to you. During our first meeting we will discuss your requirements and desires so we can narrow your home search to areas with homes of real consideration.

    We will discuss:

    • The Home Buying Process and review Buyer Agency documents, how we work and are compensated.
    • Strategies for negotiation success.
    • Compile a list of related information you will need to help make your purchase decision be it about schools, personal services, shopping, community organizations, places of worship or medical care; we are happy to provide this as part of our concierge level of service!
    • The current real estate market and what you can reasonably expect to purchase.

    Your Advantage is our Focus

    Why a Buyer Agent? By the end of this meeting we will both have discussed our expectations, fiduciary responsibilities, determined if we are a good “fit’ for each other and, if the answer is ‘Yes”, we will formalize our relationship with an agreement designating Masha as your Realtor. Schedule a consultation with Masha.

    What Comes Next?

    Our lives today are very busy and over-scheduled so we will pre-select some dates in advance to tour houses together. 48 hours before our meeting our client care coordinator will communicate with you and confirm the date and time of your meeting with Masha and the properties scheduled for your home tour. If there are any changes, this is the time to mention them so Masha is prepared with the proper information for your time together.

    While looking at homes you will find that Masha is very knowledgeable and has a sharp eye for details, design and can provide insight and suggestions for livability, and ways to add value to your home for resale.

    If you are an out of town client, Masha will preview homes for you and share photos & videos of potential candidate houses and areas. As it happens, we have assisted clients in purchasing their homes on occasion, without ever having physically seen the house until right before closing. Whatever it takes, our concierge service will provide.

    “We found Your Home!”

    Phase One– Getting Started & Finding your Home.


    Phase Two– Due Diligence Period


    Phase Three– Closing


    Phase Four– Post Settlement


    We will counsel you on how best to structure a successful offer and deposit, prepare all of the paperwork for the offer, and then present & negotiate it on your behalf. Masha’s focus will be to obtain the best possible terms for you.

    Once accepted, we will discuss and recommend having inspections on your home. We are happy to supply names of reputable inspectors and contractors with whom we have had good experiences. We set up these appointments and attend them with you or on your behalf. As they are completed we will schedule a time to review them in person or on the phone to prepare the Due Diligence Repair Agreement that we will present to the seller’s agent on your behalf. We will then assist you with and communicate to the seller’s agent as your advocate. It is our goal to resolve the issues satisfactorily.

    We will communicate on your behalf with the sellers through their agent. Our 25+ years of real estate experience has been successful in part because of the local professional relationships we have developed. These relationships really help facilitate positive transactions for our clients!

    We will also communicate with your lender to ensure the loan process is moving along on time from contract to settlement and make sure that all is on track for closing day.

    The closing attorney will be preparing all documents related to settlement and recording of the property transfer from the sellers to you. They will ensure the property is free of liens and has a clear title to record. We are happy to provide the names of the most reputable real estate attorneys in the area to ensure you have a smooth closing process.

    We will gather and share utility company information a few days prior to your closing so that you can call and arrange to have services transferred into your name for the closing date. The sellers will be calling to schedule services to be turned off as of the day OF closing so in order to avoid start-up charges please call to have services switched for the same day. * Please note sometimes a start-up fee is unavoidable.

    The day before settlement the attorney will share the final settlement papers. It’s called the ALTA or TRID now. You may be more familiar with it by its former nickname, the “HUD”. You will need to go to the bank and have a certified bank check prepared based on the TRID if you have not previously arranged to have funds wired from your account to the attorney’s “TRUST account”.

    On the day of the settlement we will meet at the designated time at your closing attorney’s office and they will review all of the documents with you. Typically this process takes about an hour, however, sometimes last minute items do come up so plan to be flexible that day if you can. At a minimum, please be available for 30 minutes before or after in case the settlement before ours runs late or we have an item to review before signing paperwork. Plan to bring a photo ID, the bank check, and in case of a last minute small change to the paperwork, your personal checkbook. After the attorney reviews all of the loan and property documents they will record your deed and waiver at the registrar’s office in the county in which your new home is located. After recording you will be able to return to the attorney’s office to pick up your house keys and begin to move into your new home. Please make sure to arrange for movers and friends to arrive after recording has occurred as you will not be able to move in until recording has been verified.

    “After you have closed on your home, I will continue to be available as a resource for you as we build a life long real estate relationship.”

    Contact Masha today to start your home buying journey in Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas!


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