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    Luxury International Homes Africa

    Let us help you to discover luxury real estate in Africa, the world’s second largest continent. Explore all that Africa has to offer in luxury living, from the island paradise of Mauritius to the coastal capital of Cape Town in the southwest.

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    Mauritius is the island nation known for its natural wonders, turquoise waters, rich culture, and the most famous extinct bird, the Dodo. As a luxury community, residents enjoy the beautiful beaches and activities such as boating and golf. The economy is strong, and there’s a low crime rate and good education, making it ideal to raise a family.

    Mauritius has nine districts, along with the third largest coral reef in the world. The landscape is made up of mountains, plateaus, river valleys and extinct volcanic craters​. Residents enjoy the lagoons and sheltered coves that make the area famous as a luxury living destination.



    Cape Town

    Cape Town is considered both the legislative and cosmopolitan capital of South Africa. It’s a city that seamlessly blends many cultures and natural wonders. The stunning beauty of Cape Town is highlighted by landmarks such as the Atlantic Coast beaches, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, and Table Mountain. It is the 2nd most populated urban area in South Africa, just behind Johannesburg.

    The geography of the area divides the city into the sections of the City Bowl and the Atlantic Seaboard. The City Bowl includes the central business district and harbor, along with residential communities. The Atlantic Seaboard contains some of the most expensive and desirable properties in all of Africa.

    Cape Town consists of a wide range of properties and architectural styles. You’ll find everything from industrial-style homes to luxury properties.




    As the economic center of South Africa, Johannesburg stand out as a desirable place to live for its dry climate and dramatic skyline. The most expensive homes are found in west and north Johannesburg. This is particularly true in the Standon area, which is the center of business and finance in South Africa. You’ll also find the highest density of millionaires in the country in the northwest slope known as Sandhurst​.

    There are many gated communities that offer privacy and security where you’ll find amazing homes complete with sculpted gardens and staff quarters. If you’re looking for a more historic home, then Houghton and Saxonwold are ideal locations with homes dating back to the 1800’s.

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