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    Dependable. Principled. Honest
    Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. With over 26 years experience helping her clients buy and sell distinctive property in Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding communities, integrity matters. Masha Halpern is the most qualified resource for all of your real estate needs.

    What does Partnering with Masha mean?
    It means you ensure your home sale with be thoroughly researched for the most relevant comparable market value and it will be effectively marketed to the most qualified prospective buyers ensuring a quicker, more profitable sale.

    Selling your home takes a lot of planning, and in today’s market, it’s a multi-faceted process. Masha’s approach makes it easy for her clients to count on her to manage the entire process for them. Our team is dedicated to providing you with ‘Concierge Service’. The entire team has one simple philosophy: To deliver exceptional personal service & the attention you deserve, regardless of your time frame or price point.

    What to Expect? Genuine Support. Qualified Expertise. Personalized Service.
    Partner with Masha and you will gain access to and benefit from over 26 years experience in the Chapel Hill, Durham and neighboring communities, real estate market. Masha has helped over 800 families move in or out of our local communities. It’s called Power of Knowledge… Why not put it on your side?

    With her background in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures, Masha’s education focus was on Broadcast Journalism. Masha excels in telling the story of your home & has a high ability to invest wisely in marketing which ensures your property stands out amidst hundreds on the market.  Masha will distribute your listing on over 300 real estate websites, optimizing it for search engines, and leverage marketing( digital and traditional ), making sure your home will be on everyone’s list!

    Expect unparalleled attention to details and access to Masha’s most trusted partner/supporters including legal representation, home stagers, inspectors, appraisers, contractors and more. It’s part of our “Concierge” System and this raises the bar and sets us apart from other Brokers. Please contact us to request our Preferred Partners Resources list.

    Masha has been awarded the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI). Learn more about how Masha’s CNE training gives you an advantage.

    Specialist in Fine Homes- Staging- Relocation
    On Average, Masha sells a home every 21.5 days. Masha’s listings usually sell at the higher end of their market point 98.4 % of proper asking price and below the average day on the market of neighboring homes. A track record of proven, consistent results. It’s the professional results you deserve!

    International Network
    Masha’s network of Brokers is constantly expanding and further growth is expected because of her affiliation with Keller Williams International Real Estate- a company with over 90,000 Brokers worldwide.  Additional referral support comes from other global affiliations with Proxio International MLS, Real Estate Success Rocks Group, Cyberstars Realtor International Technology Group, and over 3000+ Real Estate Brokers she regularly markets to on FacebookPinterestYelpGoogle+, her own YouTube channel, and LinkedIn profile. These referrals represent approximately ⅓ of Masha’s International clients. Annually, ⅔ of Masha’s clients come as a result of business referrals from other Brokers and personal referrals from past clients. That’s 33% higher than the average real estate Broker. We believe the reason for this is  Masha’s style & enthusiasm for her meeting client’s goals and how she manages her business!

    And she does it all with a great sense of Integrity. It’s simple: our mission is to change lives & make a difference in our community… and Masha is a part of your community. What you think of her work on your behalf matters to Masha. She will not lose sight of how important this home sale is for you & your family. She will be honest with you as she communicates & ethical in her approach.


    So, Let’s Get Moving! – Call 919-414-0337.

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